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We’ve come a long way since the beginning of 90’s when Spurgeon Beshara (the founder) has begun to use his musical talents as a professional career. Since that time, Spero 4 Music has been involved with projects that include music production for albums, live sound, music for film and TV, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, and many other related music/audio services.


Now, Spero 4 Music has clients in 25 American states and 20 countries around the world. We have some amazing frequent clients have been working with us for more than 20 years.

So what is it that makes Spero 4 Music so special? We’re using our 25+ years of experience to deliver our clients the perfect product/service at their budgets. We know what it takes to bring forth the very best. We believe we’re expert at what we do, and our happy clients agree.

Spurgeon Beshara (Spero)

Owner Operator

Spurgeon loved and learned the music since he was six years old. When he was eight years old he started to use his talent by playing the music in his father’s church and in many different areas in the ministry. In 1993 - while he was in high school - he started his professional career as a music producer and in 2001 he got his Bachelor degree in Music. Spurgeon arranged and produced different styles of music for more than 1,800 worship songs, composed music for more than 250 songs, presented lectures about Audio and Music at talent development conferences. Also, since 2003 Spurgeon has been serving as an Audio engineer (Studio, FOH, MON/IEM, Broadcast) at various churches and events all around the United States and in some other countries, gaining wide experience on a variety of analog and digital sound consoles.


Spurgeon possess an exceptional natural ability and auditory perception to hear what works for quality mixing, also he has an extensive skills and experience in the mixing between Western music and Middle Eastern music to bring a unique kind of music.

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